The end of Patreon, but not the end of Basement Heroes!
Hi Guys,

So I had been holding on as long as I could, but I can't in good concience keep the page running and charge your for something that I don't feel you are receiving adequate value. I'll let you know a little bit of why....

When I first started Basement Heroes, it was first off for fun. I love podcasts and I wanted to learn DnD. I got to do both things and I feel like we've created something really fun. There was also a small part of me that felt like there was a possibility that maybe Basement Heroes would grow and become something more. Maybe even a chance to have some sort of career or something. We don't have the listenership to do that, but who knows. If we stick with it, you never know.

Either way, when I heard about Patreon, I realized it was a chance to support the podcast, and find an avenue that we could help improve our equipment and maybe even make enough to get into a studio. If you listen to our first official season, you'll know that was very necessary, ha!

I can honestly say that that's what you guys did. I used the money you guys donated to buy the rewards but also to supplement the costs of a new sound system that has turned the podcast into something I consider high quality. It's honestly all because of you. And the sound that we have now, and for as long as the podcast will go. Will be because of you guys! Thank you so much. Really though, thank you so, so much. I honestly did not have the money to get these things and you guys made it happen.

Now, Basement Heroes is a labor of love. I do it because I enjoy it. I love making a podcast and I want to do more. But I don't feel like i'm providing the value to you here that I did when we started. Here's a few reasons.

I just found out that my wife is pregnant with child #4. What?! I know right! I have four  kids and it takes a ton of time. I am also writing for a Jazz blog that I wrote about before. That is unpaid and also a labor of love. I also work full time. I recently got promoted at my work and for the first time in my life more money is coming in that is going out. I'm in a really good place. And that's the thing. If I keep charging you guys every month, it turns Basement Heroes into a guilty feeling and that's not fun. To keep doing the podcast it has to be fun. It always had to be.

So, I'm gonna send you your stickers Zach, you deserve them! And then I'm gonna close the account. I'm gonna try to close the account as soon as possible but I believe that it takes three weeks to do that. So please end your pledges ASAP I don't wanna charge you for nothing.

But keep listening guys, it's not gonna end anytime soon if i have anything to say about it. I never thought we'd have a single listener. Let alone the amount we have. And the fact that you guys like the podcast enough to support us on here, it's humbling and did so much for me and confidence in myself for years to come and for podcasts I'll do in the future.

Hopefully that makes sense... I'm also not going anywhere. Make sure to chat with me anytime on the Basement Heroes Twitter page or my personal one @hansenjames

You guys are the best and I consider you all friends.

Your buddy, and underwhelming dungeon master,