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The End of Ponies - Chapter 26
I must admit that I'm very excited to be releasing this chapter, as it marks the half way point (chapter wise) in the story thus far! Twenty six chapters behind us, twenty-six chapters ahead yet to go. At least for what's been released, that is. So long as the story says incomplete and not cancelled, I'll continue to patiently hold onto my hope, no matter how long it takes ;) That aside, this chapter is also one of my personal favorites of the arc. There is so much depth to this arc, and this chapter starts to really unfold on that. Plus, it marks the turning point, where we start to get a little more action. But, I've probably said too much already. Go listen to it and hear for yourself ;) In other news, as of right now we've also recorded up through chapter twenty-nine, and chapter thirty should be done this week (the final chapter in the current act). At that point I'll be taking a short break from recording to finish polishing the remaining chapters up for release before moving on to the next arc. Don't worry though, as we'll continue releasing these every other Sunday up until the end of the arc, after which we'll skip a release week and start up on the next act. As always, I hope you enjoy ^_^ - Prismic P.S. Anyone going to Megacon? I am, at least for Saturday, in case you want to meet up ;)
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