The End of Rena Roundups
I have sat on this decision for a while now and was prompted to action by the recent changes to policy at Patreon, but because it is not economically viable at the moment for me to continue buying comics monthly at the volume I have, I have made the decision to put all of my subscriptions off and have instead moved to instead purchase comics in the more economically feasible trade collection market. There are a few series which I will run the issues up to the cut off point for their next trade collection since I am so many issues in already, but most will have to suffer a definitive cut, I am afraid. 

Either way, the experiment I’ve been running for the last year and a half of the “Rena Roundups”, giving a rating and writeup each week for new releases, was a valuable and enjoyable experience but not one that attracted much attention or inspired growth in the community interested in my other work and progress for things like Patreon, my comic book sales, or art and personal publications. 

That’s fine, and I’m glad to have more time to dedicate to my Rambles which will continue as usual, but the Roundups will come to a stop and I will be reworking the concept for the podcast into something that would be less in line with what the Roundups had been. 

I appreciate all of your support and hope that I’ll step forward in creating more and greater content for your enjoyment, be it my own creations or reviews of others’. 

Thank you all very much,