End of the World Lisa Frank Tarot: March
My February was a bit of a shit show. How was everyone else's? 

Yeah that's what I thought. 

This month we have the Star. Thank the Universe. We all need a reprieve from the constantly bullying from everyone else and labor we're all putting in. January was all about manifesting, February was all about rules and regulations. Now we're on to the Star. The Star is healing energy. When was the last time someone took an active interest in healing you? Where your nourishment was their priority? Surround yourself with people that can care for you and give what you can to care for others. The Star is about dreams. You're renewing your sense of wonder. Vulnerability will serve you and being transparent about your flaws and your virtues will give you leverage. We're in the year of the Star now. A month ruled with the card of the year is going to be magical indeed, so if you have intentions you want to set now is a good time to get witchy. Banish what no longer serves you. Let your worries burn away. You are radical and incredible. Take this sense of wonder and shine into the dark places within. Use this low, pleasing light to encourage your shyer parts to come out of the shadows. It is okay to be quiet. It is okay to look at the heavens towards something bigger than yourself. It's okay to want to feel small and protected. 

The Star's hope and faith have been guiding humans to seek more of the world's mysteries. Use this time to delve into the mysteries of yourself and to band with your community. Find your pack. Focus on the good of those around you but prepare to be transformed. Your routine will be shaken up. Things that are not important will become unbearable. This is normal. This is natural. Use this down time to come back in fighting shape. Open your heart. Be generous. 

We moved from the Heirophant, a place of rules and structure, to outer space. We are now free from the traditional structures. It may not feel that way, or certainly not every minute, but now is not a time to doubt change. These changes within are helping you become your next self and the changes around you are more open to your influence. Make positive impact as much as you can and it will return to you in spades. 

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