The End of the World: And Other Stories - Teaser
September 26, Year 0 P.U. (Post United States)

When civilization finally collapsed, the only thing I could think was that my husband would never let me hear the end of it. He had been predicting it for years, and I kept telling him he was paranoid. Because the human race, or at least the portion of it residing in the United States, was smarter than that.

Turns out I grossly underestimated the stupidity of humanity.

The saving grace that has made the last few months bearable is that the Liberals didn't start it.

He almost slept through it. I was laying in bed, playing mah jhongg solitaire on my tablet when I heard the first explosions. He had crashed out on the couch, watching reruns on Netflix. The sounds were distant at first, and since it was Saturday night, I attributed them to fireworks at the ball park. It wasn't until I heard the sirens going off everywhere, and then the jets deploying from the air force base 50 miles away, that I realized something big was happening.


I decided to start this journal because someone should record it... What happened, and how it feels for those of us caught in the middle, not taking a side, just trying to put the world back together.

History is never recorded from our point of view.

* * * * *

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