DEAR Patreons! 

Announcing an end of the year giveaway! 

I shall be giving away two awesome gifts for the Patrons. I shall be doing a raffle. We will be giving away a Dark Eldar painting guide book and also a giving away a set of TERRA TILES! from Rainn studios. (above picture)

I shall be doing the raffle the first week of January to come into the new year!

So, how do you get a chance to win?

BEING A PATRON! and commenting on this post - this is the easiest way to be entered, be active with the page and leave a comment below, this will give you one chance to win.

The second way is by referring a friend to the patreon page! Have someone enter a pledge for the page, and have them comment below and receive another 5 EXTRA chances! 

And thats it! Two easy ways to get involved. 

They will be shipped anywhere in the world. So get excited and once again thanks alot for being a part of this content creation, I greatly appreciate it. 

Skari - out!