End Police Violence: Nirej Sekhon
Nirej Sekhon is a professor of law at Georgia State University. Also, he has a very small presence on social media. I wish I could tell you what to do to check him out. He has a fantastic interview on Counterspin from FAIR.org which you should check out. I hope to see him on more shows and that he starts a Twitter account so he can give us more of this kind of wisdom.

Unlike conservative media, the discussion around black life is nuanced. Last year, I had the honor of being one of about 70 contributors to the award winning graphic novel APB Artists against Police Brutality, which had this nuance. There was even a story that touched on a similar idea.

I also think we have the answer to this problem, it’s in the Constitution. First of all, we all know we need to fix the Second Amendment. We all know we never in the history of this nation had the individual right to bear arms. However, if you go back to the arguments that the founding fathers had, the Second Amendment was about preventing a standing army. The first draft, they used the language of the Pennsylvanian Constitution. If you have the time, here is the great Thom Hartmann discussing this.

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Basically, they didn’t want a coup to happen. Take a look at what happened in Turkey, Honduras, and Yemen recently.

Now this is a good primer for what he talked about later and why we need to get rid of it: It’s the last statement of slavery in the United States we have yet to remove. It was worded that way because in order to have slavery, you must live in a police state. In fact Thom Hartmann really goes in to it here.

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I can’t fathom reading a book in a day. Yes, there is a part 2.

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I have a third idea from Rachel Maddow’s book “Drift,” that George H.W. Bush destroyed the National Guard by deploying them over seas in the first Gulf War. This was a way of not having to reinstate the draft. Clinton, like always, took a bad Republican idea and privatized the military so that now only those in the front line are actual members of the military and all support people are independently contracted. So when George W. Bush went to war, he put our National Guard to war.

To step outside of Maddow’s book, the police have now filled the void created by the National Guard going off to war. Instead of having the police, the supposed representation of the people, police the Guard, we now have the police militarized.

In essence, our police have become that standing army that our founding fathers had warned us about and combining that with the Libertarian idea of charging poor (read black) people “user fees” so they can cut the taxes to the rich ends up funding the police state.

Rand Paul then gets all angry that this leads to a police state. As the great Kim Stanley Robinson said:

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What we need to do is rewrite the Second Amendment. We need to make sure that not only does it rein in the police, but that it prevents us from our endless wars. That it is a check on the militarism that has corrupted both the military and the police. We also need to made sure that it protects the American people from the government.

If you want to argue that the Second Amendment is a check on government then let’s regulate that militia well!

Let us also include the ideas of Nirej Sekhon into this new amendment. The idea that police shouldn’t be a force of violence using the government to extort the wealth from the poor so the rich won’t have to pay their own share, but make sure we have an army of people ready to conduct traffic when there is a power outage, construction, or an event.

Let’s return the police to the community with community policing, so we can end this Libertarian police state that is drowning people in debt and making new debtor’s prisons. Let’s use this to restore what used to be a career you could be proud of and make sure that we have them do their job: serve and protect the people!

I know this is an inter-generational fight and big money, the military industrial complex, and the NRA are standing in the way of fixing this. This is how movements and ideas begin. This won’t fix the problem but it is an idea to push our country into a better place. To protect the people from state violence, and from endless wars.

Here is the idea, now I’m calling for the 21st Century founding father to put forth the language for this amendment.

Let this be the beginning of this idea.

Also, if you like the art, support it!

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