An End To a Long Silence
Hey everyone!  I'm back. August/September were a LOOOONG couple of months for me. 

August was, of course, consumed by Gen Con 50. It was wonderful of course, and both bigger and busier than I've ever seen it, but it was almost TOO much, you know? It felt like a storm that is so intense that it's over before you've really registered just how BIG and LOUD it was!! On the plus side, I got to meet up with a ton of friends from the industry and even had time to grab coffee with a few of them and discuss upcoming projects and life in general. A major topic of conversation was how difficult it is to focus on creating at all with the backdrop of world chaos in the news.

Gen Con also took nearly a month to get back on track after. I'd spent so much time in prep that I was often writing scripts the day before the comic updated!! (I usually try to be at least a week of scripts ahead of the updates, if not more.  It gives me comfort to know where things are going!) I was also pretty dog-tired after the con and the two months of intense preparation for it!

Plus, September was when we really started ramping up work on our LARP. Layne, myself, and another friend of ours are running a Changeling: the Lost LARP in Vancouver, but set in a fictional city called Port Avalon. Because we are all in love with what they've released so far of the Changeling 2.0 rules, we wanted to try to incorporate some of that into our game, but of course, there's not enough of the rules out yet to run a full game of them....

So, we ended up basically re-writing most of the rules of C:tL, and making a HEAVILY house-ruled document that we've been jokingly calling Changeling 1.5. If you folks are interested, I'll be posting some of the rules that we came up with here over the next few weeks. If you like them, please feel free to incorporate them into your own games! We have new kiths, a heavily changed/focused Merit list, and I'm working on a HUGE list of new (and more useful) Hedgefruit. I've also fixed the Brewer Kith to make them WAY more interesting, and added a new Merit and set of expanded rules for cultivating Hedgefruit.

We ran our first game earlier this month, and it went GREAT! The usual venue that we play at is a very plain, drab meeting room with a few smaller side-rooms off of it. They look very much like what they are - multi-purpose board rooms, and while that was fine for games we've run there before, it totally didn't fit a Freehold in a city deep in the haunted woods. So, I spent about 80 hours putting together a BUNCH of set-dressing to fancy up the space. I put tablecloths and LED candles on all of the grey board room tables and arranged them into rows like the Hogwarts Great Hall. Then, I covered up the white board with a emerald green curtain that I'd attached LED string lights to, and covered THAT with a sheer curtain to diffuse the light. With the room lights dimmed, it makes the entire wall look a little like a fairy-lit section of greenery. I'm SO happy with how it turned out! The other big wall hanging is a curtain with a PERFECT Hedge-gate printed onto it. (I'll have to see if I can get a picture of it next game.)

Our players have come up with some of the greatest and most interesting characters I have ever seen in one game, and some great costumes to boot! I'm really excited to run the next session, and since it'll be a Halloween-themed game, we have some fun plots planned.... (Heh heh heh...)

Anyway, that's been eating up my time for the past little while, but I think I'm finally in a place where I'm more-or-less caught up on comics and writing and can start doing warm-up sketches again for all of you kind folks.  I'm also going to be trying to blog on here more often, and just share some of my random thoughts on gaming, costumes, and life in general. Hope you enjoy it! And hope your past few months have been a lot more relaxing than mine!