Ender Fire and Energy Shields
Both of these abilities are common for enderman and are offensive in nature. Ender Fire Is a purple flame like substance that is created in the endermans hand. This flame will destroy any flesh it comes in contact with. (except endermen, their skin is immune) The 'burns' will result in a blackish-purple blotch that will continue to spread until all of the infected skin tissue is dead. Poisoned flesh will easily peel away from the victims muscles and bones. Energy Shields These shields are a pinkish-purple and translucent. They a barrier that will keep out most physical attacks and small explosions. It cannot block out liquids or gases. On a microscopic level, these barriers have hexagonal design resembling a honeycomb. This design is what gives it its translucent appearance while remaining strong. Only a master can create a barrier large and strong enough to encase themselves. EDIT: Although the shield is strong and can block out most attacks it is not completely impervious. With enough continuous damage, the shield will begin to crack and can shatter. An ender cannot raise a second shield while holding the first.