Alex Jones says TV devices do surveillance of the livestock (human "citizens").

That is wrong only for assuming that this is happening only lately and only through advanced technology. In reality, all you need to gather intel on what human beings think and even map the potential possibilities for any actions you may make (effectively defeating free will) is stuff we already had in the year 2000. Even Google at that point in history could easily do that. By simply aggregating information on the browsing history of a person you can estimate his responses and, by extension, the necessary stimuli to control him.

You don't need to wiretap his communications (because this is already a reality to a large extent and your communication logs are almost public domain).

The only thing separating the political class from total global domination is its own inefficiency, something they're trying to combat each and every day. Every state apparatus of today, if it is oriented towards its survival and dominance, must aim towards more control. Each state follows its own recipe, according to the whims of its own political class. The EU, once an irrelevant organization, is now going all-in to win omnipotence over its citizens. One must only look at its intrusions over the internet of its subjects. The USA has more freedom of speech, the last thing Americans can brag about, apart from freedom to own small firearms.

The Chinese establishment is also aware of the necessities of this brave new world and does its best to secure its interests through censorship etc.