Ending my Patreon
Patreon decided to change its monetization process and I, like every other creator I know of, am very unhappy with it. That combined with my busy schedule led to me making the decision to end my Patreon. I'm going to keep it up until around Christmas, but I'll end it before the next month rolls around so no one is charged for January. I still have one or two more updates I want to get out before ending the Patreon, but I will put them all on the free tier.

I still plan on creating homebrew content, but at my own pace and not on this site. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook (now that my Patreon's ending I might try to keep that up to date), my website, and RPGNow. I might try to set up some way to support me on my website, or find an alternative to Patreon when I feel like I'm less busy, but for now if you want to support me just follow and share my stuff. Thanks for your support, it's meant a lot to me!