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Endless Jess: New Video Trifecta
The first of many post-horse endeavors have arrived. Hold on to your butts cause this train has no brakes. 


will be my new main channel going forward, the footwear/horseshoe drowning man saga is complete and it's time for a whole new era of magic and madness. I'm gonna have kickass new videos about all kinds of rad stuff, as well as music, and hopefully more stand up. Right now I'm workin hard on the first big Endless Jess Analysis type extravaganza video, I won't say what it is, but get hype. In the meantime, here's a final Eulogy for Drowning In Footwear and a short trailer heralding the Endless One's arrival.


This is another new channel I'm super excited about. No fancy gimmicks or artsy fartsy bullshit, just chilled out, mackin and relaxin all cool, playing some games and kicking it oldschool. This is gonna be super long lets plays of cool games by me that most likely will often lapse into rambling incoherence. Think of it as a semi regular solo late night podcast from yours truly, spewing some of the bullshit off my brain late at night, and maybe occasionally even having a guest on or something i don't know whatever. What adventures await me in the ephemeral blanket of that old blue glow? Here's the first of many, a hoopy Sonic The Hedgehog 1 playthrough.


and last we have a tribute to a legend. You're all probably familiar with my crappy, vloggy, wrestling channel drowning in kayfabe. It needs a new title, (as does horseshoes) and I'm still not totally sure what direction i want to take it in. But as for right now, i couldn't let it sit there and not say something about The American Dream. Dusty Rhodes was one of the most badass wrestlers of all time and died this week at the age of 69. Join me in remembrance, as I relay the epic saga of a son of a plumber, who came from nothing and saw the top of the mountain. A true inspiration to me and every wrestling fan.

That's what I've been working on the last week or so since Horseshoe Finale, and it's just a small sample of what I have in store. Hope you enjoy all the crazy new content. As for Drowning In Horseshoes... it will continue, in some form or another. The Horseshoe Reviews are over. But I'm not ruling out smaller, more humble, less up their own ass analysis type videos in the future. But at the moment I am utterly done talking about those damn horses. There's nothing left to say, and the thought of interacting with bronies for any extended period of time ever again gives me a splitting migraine. No offense to any of you lovely patrons of course, you all seem like fine upstanding people. But the rest of em? Fuck em. At some point soon Drowning In Horseshoes will be given a new name, just like drowning in kayfabe. It'll still be a horse channel for if and when i care to make a horse thing, but the drowning gimmick is old hat, and it's gotta go, baby.

What else... oh yeah. My Japanese Animes is still a thing. I have some videos coming up for that too probably. Good ones. Super good ones. 

Okay, have fun, enjoy. Back to work for me. I'll be back soon with the very first official Endless Jess video. Only hint you'll get is that it's a game I've been wanting to do a video on forever. It'll definitely be something to take pride in. 



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