Energy Reading | Week 2 | 11 January - 17 January 2016
Energy for week 2, Justice

This is a time to work on being grounded. Do you feel as though you are connected to the earth and your fellow man? Can you be "in the world" but not "of the world?" Balance again is the theme here. Working on keeping the proper perspective about life will help you to stay centered.

Element                        Air

Keyword                      Fairness

Color                              Blue

Angels                           Archangel Raguel

Affirmation:               Call up on Archangel Raguel for help.

Timing for Week 2, 2016

11 Monday               1:58 mins

12 Tuesday               2:47 mins

13 Wednesday      3:30 mins

14 Thursday            4:14 mins

15 Friday                  5:22 mins

16 Saturday            6:50 mins

17 Sunday               7:43 mins

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#ZielZoektocht #QuantumHealing #Vibration #WeeklyReading

#ZielZoektocht #EnergyReading #WeeklyReading #MonthlyReading #Vibration