EnfuSoft Sneak Peak!!
So since I've started Patreon I don't know how to use it correctly, apparently I have to post a 'paid post' to collect my pledges and I've so far given my posts for free. I promised a drop October 11th but progress on EnfuSoft has been steady so this is my first post showing the tool! 

You can go to the temp site: http://www.enfusoft.com/

This tool allows artists, pattern makers, video game developers, and marketing departments to create very complex tiling patterns using many image assets.

I'll be releasing more details steadily here first!!

The screen is a work in progress, some icons will have changed and moved, and we're not feature complete yet. When I show you how this works via video you'll see how powerful this is.

Thank you for being patrons, and be looking forward to a drop October 11th! This drop will focus more on my dev diary mostly on EnfuSoft!

Tier Benefits
Pledge $1 or more per 2 weeks
2 patrons
Access to my activity feed which includes all my black and white sketch line works of all my cute illustrations as I make them. Feel free to color them in yourselves! 
Pledge $3 or more per 2 weeks
1 patron
Access to full color finished illustrations as I make them way before they become full products.
Pledge $5 or more per 2 weeks
1 patron
1) First access to my videos and/or gifs showing me draw each little illustration. These future YouTube links will be private links only available to Patrons. They will eventually be released to the public, but as a patron, you will enjoy months of exclusive access to drawing demos like these. I've amassed a library of 3,000+ little illustrations like these already, and plan on making more. So there will be no shortage of stuff you can watch! 

2) You will also get to see my posts of my dev diary, revealing more of the incubating projects I'm working on. These projects typically take half a year to sometimes 3 years. Which means as a patron you'll get more insight and transparency from what will come next from me. Would you like to see my works in progress of projects such as my new plushies? What about insight in the games/apps/software I'm making? I'm inviting  you to partake in my exploration. 

This tier by design has the most content, and I hope these will be useful for aspiring artists, teachers, fellow illustrators, indie game devs, and fellow makers and tinkerers like yourself!

If you enjoy them please invite your friends to join you in being a patron!
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