ENG/ Report # 3 Month of May
This week you will be entitled to the first monthly report! This version is more complete than the weekly reports and contains images so that even those who cannot support the project can follow its graphic progress.

What happened in May?

The beginning of the month served to finish setting up all the buildings of Levart (the village where your Chaser guild is installed) and it is the biggest area we have had to do to date (not to mention the demo of Muril’s mine that those who came to the Japan Touch know, but as it is a dungeon it is managed differently).

We then tackled the colors and atmosphere and especially (for the first time) the night atmosphere. Chase has a day/night cycle even during chases, it is to take into account depending on the areas where you will track down corrupted spirits to avoid unpleasant surprises. In Levart it should be ok... normally...

Besides the buildings we also worked on the inhabitants of the village to define what the classic inhabitants that you will rub shoulders with and who will seek your help will look like.

On the story side, we published an excerpt from Kalia's journal that describes the events that led to the creation of the Chase. From now on this publication is open to all (even non-patreons).

Finally, for two weeks the patrons have been able to see different boards of concepts for the elements of decorations (including those that will be used to chase down corrupted spirits).
Well that's it: several elements have been put in place and we are proud to be able to show the graphic rendering we wanted to achieve from the beginning! It has been a lot of work between graphic research, finding out how to achieve our goals in Unity and producing all that ... but it's good! So we will close this report by leaving you with a screenshot in game that shows what the current rendering of the game looks like.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion and have a good weekend Chasers!