ENG: ?... Screen Recorder for ASUS X200M...?
I need Screen Recorder. I want to show you how I process my work, photos and prepare posts. On my regular Panasonic DMC-SZ3 camera, it looks worse than ever. Quality "Poorest"! Unfortunately, I can not realize my implementation quickly, because yesterday, with my boyfriend, we tried to establish a connection with the X-Box, but on my computer it did not go. What he just did not try... and how many reviews on Youtube did not checked.... The trouble is in my computer. Although it's new, it's  Lite Version. ASUS X200M. This Hybrid is a combination of PC & Tablet mode. Keyboard Do not disconnect - built-in, honestly I was counting on a full-fledged PC in small scales - smaller in size and easier. In the end, I got everything I wanted - but the stuffing was not a full PC. This is the minus - when entering the Internet, it very often includes the Mobile version. Ok, Shortly to say: Now there is a Search for us, about setting up a program for recording my actions on the screen - Screen Recorder for my version of the computer. It was not so easy, once and ready. But no! Now I will wait for my man from work and we will continue to disassemble this question. And now for the time being I will work on the development of a corporate logo. And that's another story.

Thank You for watching and attention :-)

And See You Later ! * ;-*