ENG/Team Weekly Report: 11-17th May 2015
(Wow, looks like I'm going to write walls of text on Patreon) 

Tasks accomplished during last week : 

• Ludum Dare (http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=39080) judging period ended Tuesday and I was still voting until Monday evening. In total, I played through 85 different entries, mainly at the beginning and at the end of the competition because I was a real zombie in between… 

• Planning out things to do in order to make the trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz35wPr23cU). As usual, I asked Xian to lend me a hand and he had exams until Monday, hence the delay. That damn trailer took us nearly a whole day: each time Xian had to change something, he was making a new version without noticing that it shifted sequences or sound, so he had to go back over it at least 5 times. He was fed up with the trailer pretty soon. 

• OG-Zone (http://www.og-zone.com/) banner added on our French link page according to the dev request. So I added a banner for the team behind Crossfire (http://attackonbara.tumblr.com/) while I was at it. If you’re a visual novel dev who’s interested in becoming our partener, don’t hesitate to tell me and I’ll add you right away! 

• I danced through the house because Wounded by Words received two donations (10$ and 1$ respectively). Thanks to that, I think the team has enough funding to press the items we’ll be selling at next Japan Expo. 

• Speaking of Japan Expo, I supervised the making of the new hard copy cover. Orties overdid herself as usual, I’ll show it to you through some hidden Patreon post in the following days ~ 

• I also supervised the making of the artbook we promised. Half of the artists has nearly finished their sketch, half is lagging a bit behind. In order to have a clear vision, I managed to do some kind of skeleton (in others words, I did a PSD file for each page while arranging the sketch from each graphist). It’s only a temporary version, I’ll be getting started on the final version soon… 

• The hard copy I was talking about is supposed to include Gardenof Oblivion and Wounded by Words, so it’d be weird not to offer a French version. So I had to hunt for english > french translators to handle Wounded by Words. The wordcount of 25 000 words doesn’t seem to fill them with enthusiasm though, I shouldn’t have written that much. 

• In the meantime, there are things moving in the shadow ~ 

• There was a small debate Thursday between a few devs because of a Reddit thread (https://twitter.com/ChrisTenarium/status/598910613411209217). Some people made yet another topic about how western visual novel are so inferior to japanese visual novel. There is plenty of topics like that, all the time, in every VN community, so it’s starting to annoy me: most of the time, the people saying this kind of things never touched a westerne visual novel before or just Katawa Shoujo (because they think the rest surely isn’t as good). It’s really lazy to complain, especially when the two things really aren’t comparable. In short, nothing new in the community! 

See you soon with new adventures!