ENG/Team Weekly Report: 25-31th May 2015
Another relatively light week but that’s because the deadline to order merchandises for Japan Expo is just around the corner. I should have finished that this week and get a little more free time to write the extra content for the hard copy. But it’s gonna be tough anyway!

Tasks accomplished during last week :

• I finally found translators for Wounded by Words, yay !

• As you may have noticed, I wrote an article on the devblog Friday about Japan Expo (http://traumendes-madchen.com/blog/?p=1234). I also selected some pictures to post on social networks since I want to show some artbook previews starting from today. Which means pre-orders will be available really soon, most likely at some point in the week. I hope you’re ready!

• Making of the first wallpaper for my lovely patrons. I’ve started with Being Beauteous but the other games will follow. Don’t hesitate to ask if you want me to add another resolution.

• Most of my time was dedicated to finishing the artbook with many changes of organization. Morsy had issues with her laptop and couldn’t give part of her work, and Laniessa got overwhelmed by school homeworks at the wrong time. So, both of them won’t get many pages. I’m sure you’re as disappointed as myself but things happen. The good news is that we’ll have a small Guest Art section which restores the balance (there are threshold to pass with the printer). A big thanks to Didules and Heiden for their contribution!

• Still on this subject, I wrote the artbook introduction and discussed with the artists to find a name (and we did manage to agree on something!). Since some pages include fanarts of EVN, I also asked the concerned circles before using them, I think it’s better that way. As with japanese VN, I’ll have to do without, sadly X).

• The artbook cover is slowly getting done and should be finished during the week, meaning that there’s only Laniessa’s page remaining in order to complete it. Needless to say, I’m anxious and impatient at the same time!

• As an aside, the picture featured on Melow’s description is actually the fruit of a misundertsanding. I asked her to do something for the cover and we didn’t understand each other, so she did a different picture. Fortunately it fitted the description page perfectly, so we could use it even though. All is well that ends well!

• In fact, two or three days of the week were dedicated to the things moving in the shadow. It recquires a lot of planning! I think I’ll talk about it on Patreon (hiden post) this summer because it’s big news ~

• On another note, I starter a discussion on Twitter about Pay What you Want after coming across a recruitment topic on Lemmasoft. If you’re interested, here’s the link : https://twitter.com/TM_VN/status/604974552398065664 & https://twitter.com/TM_VN/status/604976984914071553

See you soon with new adventures!