ENG/Team Weekly Report: 27th July-2nd August 2015
Tasks accomplished during last week :

• It was kinda the « Background Week » in a way: Orties only has one left before taking some vacation (and hopefully tackling the CGs after that). Kinect is on the last background that Orties finished so I guess she’ll be done soon as well. I might take advantage of that to ask her to redo one or two old ones, we’ll see.

• As a result, I almost only worked on background animation, hence why I could do so many sneak peek in a row (and was able to show you many things). Some are more demanding than others but it’s going quite well so far.

• Well, except for the railway station background that gave me a hard time: I had to ask to modify adetail because of an overlap, the PSD couldn’t open and I ended up using Illustrator to export each layer into PDF. What a nightmare…

• I finally sent the extra content of Wounded by Words to translation! English folks will be able to read the after stories after all. I had to change the Epilogue code to reflect this but I’m impatient to see the result.

• Fix of a minor bug that happened during the credits from all of our games. Keul was quite fast to react for once :p

• Other than that, the week was pretty silent for different reasons. Someone commissioned me to write something for him, so I’ve mostly been working on this assignment. I can’t talk about it for now, sorry =/. Plus, I’ve been sick several times so I wasn’t in the best conditions either…

• At some point, Auro Cyanide posted a really great article about her experience with a long-term project and I commented, touching briefly on my own experience with Milk. I didn’t want to expand too much because it wasn’t the right time for that. But now that I had time to think about it, I think it might be interesting to go more in depth. If you want me to talk about Milk, ask me questions and I’ll write about it! http://traumendesmadchen.tumblr.com/post/125258097727/why-working-on-long-term-vn-projects-is-suffering

Since you guys are way too shy, I had to think really hard to find a good celebration idea. I think I could, either ask my commissioner if I could let you read my work at some point, or take the opportunity to make some big announcements (since it’s only between you and me~). I’m thinking about it!

See you soon with new adventures! (not many though, since I’m working on my commission)

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