ENG/Team Weekly Report: 19-25th October 2015
A week of stagnancy and frustration X).

Tasks accomplished during last week :

• I thought I could quickly finish administrative stuffs that turned out to be way more complicated than planned, so I couldn’t do anything productive for part of the week…

• I was also contacted to take part in an experiment about pain applied to autism. So, in the near future, I will probably lose a day of work to put my arms in trays full of scorching and cold water. It’s going to be thrilling =’D.

• I could hardly focus on the 1st draft of my new story. I'm around 6 pages and I’m already half satisfied about it. I need to make progress soon.

• After receiving the last chapter of the English translation, I was able to finish editing it. It feels good to be finished!

• Sadly, Orties is snowed under work at the moment, which isn’t practical, but she still finished a CG Saturday evening. Your sacrifice won’t be forgotten, soldier!

• Concerning Patreon posts, I posted a long scene in the beginning of the week to help you wait. Lucklily, there was Episode 5 Early Access yesterday. Considering for how long I wanted to post it, I feel relieved XD. The end of the tunnel isn’t that far anymore.

See you soon with new adventures!