ENG/Team Weekly Report: 2-8th November 2015
A tiny bit shameful week. My motivation can sometimes be pathetic.

Tasks accomplished during last week :

• Following the aftermath of my last administrative appointment, I’ve started to get anxious and I didn’t want to contact my counselor anymore. Of course, it backfired in my face and my run of bad luck with this guys might not be finished. Further details to come in an upcoming Patreon post.

• Since I was under pression, I did what I do best: running away. I hid myself in the development of a mini visual novel to forget my troubles. Actually, it’s more a guide made with creative commons assets to spend time than a story, so don’t go imagining it’s something spectacular or anything X’D. Patrons can already play the result BTW!

• As previously announced, a full day has been lost for the good of science. I went to the hospital to take part in this experiment about pain applied to autism. It mostly consisted of me filling forms about my sleep (which lead me to revel embarrassing anecdotes on the subject) and get probes attached to my arms while I was asked to evaluate my pain. Result: I resist burn as much as I am weak to cold. The meeting of my left arm with that freezing tray of water wasn’t the most pleasant thing in the world (I can confirm it was fucking cold).

• After so many adventures, Milk Episode 5 was finally released Saturday! I’m glad to be over with it. Now I have to retrieve Wounded by Word translation and the team would have completed all its activities. I’ll have to write an official announcement to explain what will happen next.

• Milk release oblige, I had to replace all screenshots with the new GUI. Thanks goodness I took those in advance…

• The week wasn’t completely botched insofar as I worked a lot on a specific element during the weekend. I think I’ll give access to Patrons in a few days ~

See you soon with new adventures!