ENG/Team Weekly Report: 7th-13th December 2015
This weekly report is going to be…rather short.

Tasks accomplished during last week :

• I mostly spent my time on sending mails to negotiate with the artists I was interested in (and they replied to me rather quickly!). Since it’s a commercial project, we have to reach an agreement concerning the rates and it’s not as easy as it might sound, especially when talking with artists who aren’t necessarily used to making visual novel. I won’t hide that I’m making risky choices by contacting people who aren’t known at all on Lemmasoft or in the community, but my goal is to find our own style, something that’ll suit us. "Copying" what’s already done doesn’t interest me, so the challenge is bigger. Decidedly, I never do as everybody else does =’D. Anyway, it took time but we’ve agreed on some things, so I’ll be able to introduce the artists soon and start production!

• At the same time, Christ Tenarium started a hilarious Let’s play on Garden of Oblivion. He unfortunately bumped into a bug that shouldn’t have been there so I immediately updated the build. If I have the time, I may take that opportunity to slightly improve the game for the hard copy (fix all the typos he’s noticed and maybe add some sprite animation).

• In anticipation, I’ve prepared a separated build for Wounded by Words: since the new content is only on the compilation, there were arrangements to be done and I had to verify that the transfer hadn’t brought any bug.

• Translation arrived at the end of the week and I directly put it into the game and spent a whole afternoon crudely editing it. Patrons who pledge 5$ per month can now enjoy it. I sent the script to the proofreaders, so the translation should be more polished in the following weeks ^^.

Other than that, it’s important to me to remind you that this Patreon is brought to life for and by you. I try to produce content that can interest you but, without reaction, I have difficulty knowing if you like it or not. So don’t hesitate to drop a like or a short line as comment. It’s not much but it’ll help me improve and it’ll make me feel like you’re here for me =).

See you soon with new adventures!