ENG/Team Weekly Report: 11th– 17th January 2016
Tasks accomplished during last week :

• I wanted to carry on writing the 1st draft of Chronotopia with the aim of finishing it before the end of the month to get a definitive overview of the assets that will be needed for the full game. Despite managing to write 10 pages in the beginning of the week, I had to stop to go visit a friend, and personal issues quickly added themselves to the picture, making me unable to sustain my momentum. I also realized that it was impossible to focus fully on the writing while managing the project. So I have to change my plans rapidly, and settle for producing a detailed outline by the end of the week if I want to be able to send my application in time to receive fundings for the project, as planned. Things are getting heated so I have no time to waste =/.

• The good news is that Chronotopia’s production is on its way. Anako is still making a lot of researches and I mainly focused on the heath background, whose progression you were able to see during the week. We needed several tests and discussions to reach the result you saw the other day but we’re near our goal. We still need to fix some bugs and add some improvements but the background is pretty much final!

• Outside of that, I didn’t do much. I translated the main menu from the Milk Remake (that I had forgotten) and did some temporary illustration for it in preparation for future tests.

• Thanks to a conversation with a proofreader, I realized that the shipping fees I had for the store were all wrong because the official site is clumsily made -__-. I’ll have to redo my whole shipping sheet, hoorray…

See you soon with new adventures!

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