ENG/Team Weekly Report: 22nd–28th February 2016
Tasks accomplished during last week :

• After the rage-quit of Sunday, I took it easy Monday and mainly posted on Twitter and talked with other devs. It was nice, which proves that I should take more time to do that.

• Sadly the middle of the week was far more difficult because I waited for an important call that never happened, and that ruined my productivity X).

• Since Pyrite finished a new background, I took that opportunity to make a private stream and show to my patrons how I integrate it in the game. It was really nice and I’m already thinking what I could do next time. The video is available on Youtube for those who missed it ^^.

• That experience, and the various feedbacks I got on Twitter, also convinced me to make a tutorial about background animation on the devblog. I’m planning to publish that this week by using the same picture as a base but I’m going to take the explanations a bit further.

• Translation has made another tremendous leap forward to the point it got finished at the end of the week. It allowed me, after fixing the last bug, to finish Chronotopia’s prototype and post it on Patreon.

• While I was at it, I also made a teaser video (both in French and English) I’m going to publish this week to show how the game looks like =).

• While waiting for the video, some of you will have to settle for the picture I unveiled on social networks Saturday.

• The team’s February newsletter has been sent. You can now read the previous ones in the archives if you want.

See you soon with new adventures!