ENG/Team Weekly Report: 9th – 15th May 2016
Tasks accomplished during last week:

• As I told you last week, I’ve received a request to do the programming of a small visual novel. So I’ve spent a good chunk of my Monday finishing it. It was an interesting experience. I wonder if I should take more commissions ^^.

• As promised, Anako got to the point where sprites of the main characters are almost finished. The poses are but we’re missing the expressions, as well as the extra clothes of the princess. She’s also made some tests for the secondary characters: the game does not include faceless silhouettes anymore, which is always a plus. I could talk about a certain CG that is going well but it’s a very spoilery one ^^’.

• I was able to ship the last packages related to the giveaway and they seem to have arrived safely. We visibly made some people happy =).

• Tuesday, I had posted a sketch of the kitchen background on Patreon. Well, PyriteKite has since then finished it and the animation really looks good. If inspiration comes to me, I may write a tutorial about it.

I’ve also published a post on the devblog to give some news about Chronotopia’s demo. Since we’ve made a lot of progress since the time when I wrote it, the info are a bit skewed, but well, we gotta keep some juicy stuff for next time after all!

• For his part, Olivier Renouard has finished his 2nd music track and has already a 3rd one under way. Nothing can stop him XD.

• A day when I wasn’t so motivated, I’ve decided to accomplish a task as thankless as it is useful: I did some cleaning in Milk’s code X). Since the project changed a lot during the years, files got piled up where they could. And since I slowly started to take the lead programming-wise, I chose to follow Keul’s functioning even if I didn’t always understand it. Now, everything will be easier to find for me, which should make the work more pleasant! While I was at it, I also resumed taking care of the GUI translation I kinda dropped months ago. Thanks to the new skills I got from Chronotopia, it’s now fully working ^^.

• Also, I posted the various tests Anako made for the king on Patreon Thursday. It was about I thought about doing it X).

• I finally managed to edit the big chunk of the translation I was working on and Meles tidied up after me. Strictly speaking, there are still 2 or 3 things to correct but the part has been integrated into the game anyway. I now have to tackle the next big part if I want to catch up with him and stay on course: I think he’s around 87 pages on like 158 or something like that =’).

• Melow is rather discreet but she’s done sketches for two of the stained-glass CGs. I hope she’s going to be able to finish one this week!

I like it when my weeks are productive like that 8).

See you soon with new adventures!