ENG/Team Weekly Report: 20th – 26th June 2016
Tasks accomplished during last week:

• Despite making good progress on The Parasol Festival, I’m “barely” around half of the second path and I’d really like to go faster. At this pace, I’m going to be slightly late to return my work X’).

• We’re still regularly progressing on Chronotopia. I recently finished editing a new part of the translation (with PyriteKite’s help) and I put the puzzle in the game (only one for now).

• On Patreon, I’ve shown an altered version of the last stained-glass CG and I really like this one. It really gives the vibe of a fairytale ^^.

• After a week of the Fairy, we were more in a week of the King this time: again, I showed the sprite in details on Patreon Thursday, wrote an introduction post on the devblog Friday, then shared one of his scenes on social networks Saturday. Strangely enough, the old bearded man seems less popular XD.

• Anako is still working on the princess' sprite and, with a few adjustments; she’s nearly finished with the female servant. It’s a big experiment for us both because I’d like to generate slightly different PNJ based on this sprite and my tests are still imperfect =’).

After several unusually productive weeks, I wanted to avoid losing that momentum but reality came back to hit me in the face as a good old burnout. I was simply mentally exhausted and I genereally don’t need much in those moments to quit the internet for some time. It’s disheartening insofar as the difficult time hasn’t even started yet: I wouldn’t bet on my mental health during the campaign =(.

See you soon with new adventures!