ENG/Team Weekly Report: 1st – 7th August 2016
I've ordered a new cable for my laptop a week ago and the item is still shown as “pre-advised”. I really want to eat seal babies right now...

Tasks accomplished during last week:

  • The beginning of the week was rather calm because I had to see go the doctor and make some tests at the laboratory. And we all know what a larva I am if you make me run through the city 8).
  • Since I've shown a little bit of everything, I've decided to make a Patreon post with a full scene from Chronotopia. I took this one to show a choice and also what it looks like with different sizes of sprites (it really adds depth).
  • Speaking of Chronotopia, after fixing another bunch of bugs, I took advantage of the fact that Melow had finished the last GUI elements to put the rest of the gameplay (the inventory and the memories detector especially).
  • Incidentally I've finally finished editing the last bit of the translation, which really pleases me.
  • Since Laniessa is back, she was able to resume her work on Milk's remake and has already finished Khzi's sprite. I made a Patreon post to show some of her outfits and expressions but I really can't wait to put it in the game :3.
  • Do you remember last week's game? It worked rather well since we were able to show all of the dresses! So I've added a new goal: don't hesitate to join if you want to see the donkeyskin ^^.
  • Other than that, I'm working a lot on preparing the Kickstarter, I think the Prefundia page should be complete this week, I'll show you that.

Given our recent progress, I'm proud to announce that Chronotopia's demo should be available in early access for patrons pledging 10$+ as early as this week!

See you soon with new adventures!

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