ENG/Team Weekly Report: 14th – 20th November 2016
Tasks accomplished during last week:
  • That’s it, Kickstarter’s funds finally arrived! The only thing left to do is to hope I won’t have too many taxes to pay next year because it’d bother me to see part of the money go up in smoke before being able to finish the game =’).
  • By the way, Chronotopia’s production started again officially so I should be able to show you some WIP soon :3.
  • As promised, you were able to see the animated version of the futuristic background ! I may make a little video about this scene and I’ll move on to something else.
  • I got interrupted more than once after the end of the campaign but I still managed to finish writing one of Chronotopia’s routes. And it’s just as big as the demo (about 23 500 words) which possibly means massive content if I keep this momentum…
  • I also made an update on Kickstarter to mention all that. It’s hard to communicate and work at the same time XD.

See you soon with new adventures!