ENG/Team Weekly Report: 28th November – 4th December 2016
Tasks accomplished during last week:
  • Finally a week with stuff to say! For example, I was able to send the newsletter for November  with lots of neat things inside :3.
  • I’ve also realized that poor PyriteKite had sent me a sketch for a background  since a week and I completely missed it. So I’ve decided to show it.
  • Another Patreon exclusive: a test sheet Anako made for a new character who’s going to appear in Chronotopia . I can’t wait to reveal more things about her because I really like that character~
  • I’ve been talking about it for a while, that’s it, I’ve finally posted an article on the devblog to publicly bring up Khzi and the Cursed Stone : a game composed of the former episodes 2-5 from Milk. This reworking of the text should allow me to give the story the care it deserves and I’m super happy to witness the project turning out that way!
  • Incidentally, there were still two sprites I had to export and code for the Khzi VN, now that’s a done deal~
  • In the meantime I’m still writing for Chronotopia, mainly some bits here and there.
  • About that, two more  episodes of  the Chronotopia’s Let’s Play from An Hour of Sleep have been released and it looks like they’re getting to the heart of the matter with the fairytale ^^.

See you soon with new adventures!

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