ENG/Team Weekly Report: 16th – 22nd January 2017
Tasks accomplished during last week:
  • I’m still writing for Chronotopia at my own pace and I’ve already done 24 500 words, which is rather positive even if I had hoped I would be done this week. I’m this close to being finished (only a handful of scenes) so I have high hopes that I’ll finish before the end of the month. At last!
  • I showed on Patreon the various steps in making the lakeside background  and I admit I’m rather fond of this one. The GIF should follow soon enough :3.
  • I’ve also revealed the different possibilities for Fleur’s design  Thursday because it’s quite important! I should be able to share the results of the survey to Anako this week so that she can move on to the sprite itself ^^.
  • I posted a big update on Kickstarter , as I do every month, to talk about how it’s going with Chronotopia. And since I realized I only shared thos info with patrons or backers, I posted a small article on the devblog  Sunday while I was at it. News are less fresh and there’s less of them there but, that way, everyone can see that we’re making progress :p.
  • Other than that, I had not mentioned this at all but my laptop being nearly dead after this summer, I ordered a new one for Christmas and I’m currently transferring my data on it. Maybe I’ll be able to resume streaming?

See you soon with new adventures!