ENG/ Weekly News #22

Progress Update

A lot of work this week even if the progress above doesn't show it at all. We intend to rework this small indicator to make it more accurate 😊

Contrary to what was planned, we did not start with the illustrations and instead managed and completed a number of interface or 2D/3D touch-ups.

As far as music is concerned, this is the point that poses the most problems for us. We don't yet have the means to pay a musician so we do what we can, we will rework the music for the episodes the day we can collaborate with someone.



This is the last batch of characters for Inktober. We will soon be able to start the mini-tournament we were telling you about.

The characters are divided into two groups, Male and Female, where the participants will compete in direct elimination and you will vote until there is only one left on each side. These two winners will be added to the game once the prologue is finished!

The tournament starts next week, so you have time to discover the last two characters and see the others again to find your favorites (Batch 1, Batch 2, Batch 3, Batch 4).

(#15 Legend) Oren - 22 years old - Law

Oren is studying in law section at Onyx. He is the highest ranked first year student in all sections. Extremely gifted at getting those who deserve it convicted, he is the only student from the lower city who has managed to enter the law section. He has attracted the hatred of noble students who find themselves in competition with him despite his social background, which causes a lot of teeth grinding. Originally wishing to defend the people in a very unequal justice system, he gradually began to despise people and their weaknesses, failing to find opponents of his size in the academy or in the courts.

(#16 Wild) Madison - 20 years old - History

Madison is in her first year of history section at Onyx, specializing in exploration. A true seasoned athlete, her classes take her around the world and to incredible destinations. Although this makes her popular at the academy, she does it mainly to have lots of stories to tell her mother who can't leave the family estate because of an illness. Cultivated and far too curious for her own good, she loves challenges and the unknown. She can't stay in place and loves to discover new things.



Blake won the vote, patrons can now get her Halloween wallpaper.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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-Sunny & Zack

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