ENG/ Welcome to my Patreon!
It’s with great apprehension that I’m going into this new adventure. 

Since I’m perpetually overwhelmed, I was a bit afraid of adding myself more work, but at the same time I feel I cannot really find myself some free time without a little help. Anyway, I thank all of my future patrons : your support means a lot to me and I hope I’ll be worthy of your trust! 

In order to show a bit what kind of content will be posted here, the first posts will be visible for everyone. So, you’ll be able to know what to expect and there will be no nasty surprise! 

Last note for those who didn’t see it: the two 5$ rewards are actually linked, meaning that whatever your original choice, you’ll get both types of content. I wanted to be sure not to punish the people who’re following the two activities at the same time, so it’s really just to help me managing things. I’ll only make some [Mélancolie] posts in French from time to time (since I don’t have much time for my personal blog yet), but if you want me to translate my articles, just drop me a word ! 

With this, I’ll leave you with Same the shark. He tend to eat people’s face to show his affection, don’t mind it ~