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Engelbaum Page 29
Huzzah! Next page complete! :D Imagni and her DRAMATIC WEATHER hahah. I'm really happy with how this page turned out because she's being slightly more chill now and not moving about too much. That gives me more time to show her expressions and stuff.

I'll be sending the PM link out after dinner to everyone as usual. As always please let me know if it doesn't work for you. <3 So much love to you guys. I'm so hyper today because Engelbaum hit number 50 on the TopWebComic charts and that was a huge goal of mine (yeah yeah I'm lame). But yeah! Engelbaum is gaining a bit more traction now and in turn it's really kicked me up the butt. I feel like I could draw a million things all at once now. But everything in order! o_o

December is gonna be my SUPER SCHEDULED month. I'll upload more sketch work for you guys soon before the pencils go up. I like sharing scribbles.

Onwards TO DINNER.