English Hanger

OC059 - 1795 Hanger

Our first model for this month is an English hanger sword paired with its original scabbard.

Hangers were shorter, usually single edged, swords intended for use as side arms by soldiers and travelers in the 18th Century. Often found with curved blades, the hilts would range from simple and utilitarian to more complex and decorative, depending on the means of the owner. They appear in many varieties and forms. Militaries in England and across Europe issued these swords alongside bayonets to many of their units, and as such they were also seen commonly on both sides of the American War of Independence.

This fine example of this style of sword has a hallmarked silver hilt and decorated blade of high quality. The blade is 71 cm long, with a slight curve along the entire length. A pair of fullers run along the blade, one wide and one narrow. A bi-lobular plate is set just to the front of the guard. The guard is composed of a short fore quillon opposite a full knucklebow inset into the butt cap. The knucklebow is struck with hallmarks indicating its quality and origin. According to the marks, this guard was manufactured in London in 1795. We have not been able to trace the maker's mark of "HF" to a particular shop or artist, but are continuing to research it further.

The blade is engraved with 14 stars and two crescent moons on either face of the blade. There are three pierced holes in the center of the fuller, approximately 2mm in diameter. 

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