English Lute Music (16th Century) on Piano with Harmonic Pedal (dur: 20 mins)
The lute was the piano of its day.  Most composers wrote for it, most musicians played it.

The pieces featured in this video were transcribed for piano by David Lumsden.

In these recordings I used the 4th harmonic pedal in resonance position.  The harmonic pedal was invented by Denis de La Rochefordière.

00:07   “Old Medly” by John Johnson  

03:35   “Jewell”  by Anon. 

04:34   “Currant” by Anon. 

05:32   “Militis Dump” by Anon.

06:52   “A Jig” by R. Askue

07:49   “Galliard” by Anthony Holborne

08:46   “Galliard” by Francis Cutting

11:42   “Kemp’s Jig”  by Anon.

12:24   “Currant for Mrs. E. Murcott by Francis Pilkinton

13:05   “Melancholy Galliard” by John Dowland

15:49   “Volt” by Anon.

16:15   “Playfellow (A Jig)” by Anon.

16:47   “My Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe”  by John Dowland

17:56   “The Sick Tune”  by Anon.

18:27   “The Squirrel’s Toy” by Francis Cutting

18:58   “Carman’s Whistle” by Johnson