English Patch 2.8.1 (2017-09-12) released
Hello Everyone,

we just released version 2.8.1 of our english patch for ios and android.

2.8.1 supports the following new builds:

ios: 133692

Android: 133699

Clo and Suger have translated the following content for you since version 2.7:

- translated new monster names

- translated new item names

- translated new skill names

- translated tons of descriptions

- translatd 150 UI elements (still alot to go :D )

- translated new skill descirptions

- fixed some typos in monster names and other stuff

- translate pet names

- translated alot of pet related information

- translated new wanted quest names and details

- started to translated EP2.0 Content.

as always, you can download our new 2.8.1 patch for iOS and Android via our Android Patcher 1.2.0 (highly recommended, do not use an older one) or our iOS Proxy (make sure you follow the video guides 10000000%, otherwise the chance is very high that something goes wrong)

you can finde the Android Patcher and all needed guides on 


Kind regards