The Enhanched Forest / speedpaint
Hi there! So here it is, my first post on Patreon! I honestly have no idea what to expect yet from Patreon and I'm trying hard to find out how stuff works, but I promise I'll do my best not to break anything here ;) 

This first post contains a scene that I painted in Februari this year. It's a forest at autumn and what I love about it are the warm vivid colors. What do you think of it? What do you like, or don't you like? 

The tools I used for this work: Photoshop CS6, Wacom 13HD

A little bit about myself: I consider myself a learning speedpainter. My goal is to learn how to create scenes with realistic and vivid colors, which look natural and interesting. I usually try to set a time-goal for each speedpaint, where I try to finish one withing 45 to 60 minutes. It's so easy to lose yourself into the little details once you start!

Sometimes I use a reference image and sometimes I do not use one. 

Using reference images is important in this process for practice, because it's important to see how the real world interacts. The light, the shadow, the colors, the textures. 

If you decide to support me on Patreon, depending on the support you decide to give you will receive at least:

* Access to FULL HD images of my work (for personal use)

* You will be the first to see my latest artworks, together with sketches, ideas and other things that I did or wanted to do something with.

* Vote for the next subject for me to paint.