Hey friends! 

This is a post/story for everyone, not just Patrons. It figures into the Blue Hearts universe and is only available here (no where else on the Web). This is one of my favorite stories and it's now packaged with a gorgeous cover!

In case you didn't notice, you were charged at the beginning of May for a story I posted in April. I hope you got your download and checked out the "The First Post-Android Buy-back Program." And thank you, thank you a million times for being one of my Patrons!

For those of you waiting for your additional rewards, don't worry! I'm getting to them (I'm still getting used to keeping up on all the Patreon stuff!)! Vlogs and such will be coming soon.

Additionally, I'm getting Feed 3 ready at the same time as I'm making updates to Feed, Part 1 hard copy! :)

Anyway, thank you tons for your support! Now go download "The Blue, Blue Eyes of Dark, Dark Space" and get reading. :)



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