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You are literally reading this at the beginning of a new phase of my creative journey. One where I make art, jewellery, eco-print and felt. Well, nothing new there. I’ve done that for years – as some of you know.  The new part is the next part.

Videoing. And sharing.

For the last few months, I've been videoing my creative projects, mostly as tutorials for others looking for tips and inspiration. YouTube  is a great platform, and so is Vid.me  (which is a young up and coming video platform).

Seeing the validity of sharing what I've learned on a platform that allows me global reach, I've really embraced this new outlet - and the cool thing is that it's fueling my creativity! Knowing I've got an audience (my YouTube channel is growing well with daily subscribers - so I know I'm filling a need), is very inspiring as I love to share with people who are interested in what I have to give. 

I'm finding my mind is constantly filling with new ideas for creative projects that will allow me to share more skills and tips via video. And making these mini-'movies' is an act of creation in itself, which while a very lengthy process, is surprisingly very satisfying. But then, any artwork worth producing is often a lengthy process isn't it? Okay, the videos may not be Scorsese standard, but they’re watchable and have nice clear images and information, commentary and music. 

My Vision is to have a YouTube channel that:

1. provides a wealth of information and inspiration for crafters and artists, who are either looking for readily available tips and techniques, or who maybe cannot afford to sign up for a paid course. Along with that will be: 

2. a travel/interview section where I visit artists and crafters in residence and video their process. This will give other creators who may not have their own YouTube channels the opportunity to reach a wider audience, as well as enriching the viewers of my own channel with other’s artistic experience and wisdom.

My first goal was to make some time for myself during the week to allow me editing space, which will leave my weekends free to create. I've now gratefully received two days a month and am actually writing this on one of them. 

Bursting with ideas, and wanting to put creative systems and also outlets in place for selling the artwork I create (shell/silver jewellery, felted items, eco-printed pieces and paintings), I am also in the middle of getting an Etsy shop ready. And from that will be little tags, boxes, wrapping and embellishments ... and a video or two on my process … oh it's all so exciting!

Anyhow, at this point, I want to thank you for reading this – sincerely, for your interest. 

Will you join me in growing my vision?

If you would like join me in growing my vision, please become a patron. From as little as $1, you can be part of an inspiring and educational team that helps creativity to flourish. Whatever you wish to pledge – you will receive a reward as my gratitude for donating to my ‘cause’. You could even get to give input on the creative content of a video, with credits.  

Do check out the Patrons rewards on the right of my page – there are lots of  goodies to be had as my thanks. 

Of course, whether you pay for videos and blogged information via Patreon or not – my YouTube videos will always be free. You will be assisting their continuation and the spreading of crafting knowledge. So I thank you in advance! 

Until next time, 

This is Aannsha

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