Entanglement: Starting School Hiatus
This is the hardest thing I've ever done. Like literally harder than even starting the comic. >8[ But, hear me out!

My kidlet is starting school for the first time. I've never gone through this before, neither has my hubs. This is going to be a big change in the household and I have noticed these last two weeks it's been affecting my work flow. On top of that, I'm between jobs at the moment which is some additional stress not helping me focus right.

So here's what I want to do.

I want to take until the beginning of September off to knock out my to do list around looking for a job. I've been wanting the website done for over a year but I haven't had the time to learn to do it, I've got a LOT of wikia stuff started I haven't completed. A lot of shit that makes me happy has turned into stress on my shoulders the longer it's taking to get done. So I'd like some time off from the comic to focus on that.

And it's not like it's for the worse, either. THe timing is good, right between chapters, and I've found myself rewriting chapter 4 because I had a dream that, honestly, fit it SO much better how I want to do it (just figures it's happened at last second right?). It's also a big comic reveal anyway, one that really brings in elements of the world around it and I'm scared I'm not artistically ready, which will allot me some time to practice more. (Remember, technically in the middle of chapter 3 it was a 3 month gap between two pages and you saw how much I can learn in a short amount of time XD).

But you all won't be out anything, either. Part of catching up will be for the illustrations, you can still order doodle store items, sketchbooks, etc. MDIAMG will still be posting, and if I get my way I want to be able to post Entanglement as I do MDIAMG (tho not in whole chapter segments, but if I can post everything for the month up at once until there's a scheduled drop system that would be fab. <.<) But the point is i have to get to that stage, which is the purpose of this hiatus is to help me clear some stuff off my shoulders so I can better focus on stuff like that.

So yes, that is what this is all about. I also want to be completely caught up with everything for Patreon because they have the new "charge first" system in beta and I will be switching to that the moment it goes live. (It will not change a thing for you all! It just means when you are charged, it'll be for that month, instead of the previous month!). But it will change a lot for me because it will, essentially, skip a month so the sooner I'm caught up, the less I'm behind when that happens.

I hope you all understand how much I need this right now, and it's not a skirt of responsibility, just if we can't afford to pay bills, then I can't even work period so uh, some things do have to admittedly take a bit of priority and while Ent is in the top numbers of my list, it's sadly not the top. My child and homelife will always have to come first and I need time to restructure things.

However I will be introducing a new commission system to get me through this patch that you all get first dibs on so look forward to that. :>

Thank you all for hearing me out. I'll keep on a-posting updates and things as we go -nod!-.