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Enter the Crucible: Fluffisode 5, Trollbloods

Welcome to our 5th fluffisode!

This episode we go into the history and background of Trollsbloods. We did research beforehand, but I am sure we will not have everything 100% accurate.

So join Pirate Captain, Clint, Mahu, Carter, and Ian, as we stumble through the fluff, make jokes, and give you the history of this species.

PG-13 warning for the podcast and explicit warning for the preramble. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Time stamps:

00:00 – Intro and WTC announcement

11:57 – Origin of the Trolls and the Molgur

29:00 – Those wild and crazy Orgoth and the Corvus treaties

32:00 – The first and second Troll uprisings, and the difference in the Kriels

49:00 – Madrak’s story and the lead up to the current state of affairs, along with a guest appearance of Leto.

01:06:00 – The culture and the Warlocks of the Trolls

02:10:00 – Future of the Fluffisodes