Enter the Grey Splicer...
This is Wednesday's comic a couple of days early. :) I had a real dilemma with this one trying to gauge how gruesome to make the 'experiment' and the extraction of the eye-ball. Originally I was going to have it all off-screen but then thought I needed to at least show the region of the anatomy being worked on. In the end I went with making a silhouette of the patient but still with a reasonably high level of gory detail.

This strip is to establish the interests, experiments, and disrespect for lower life-forms (not using anaesthetic) of the Splicer (he is the crashed alien and master of Silverspire). It also establishes RhinoDroid as another of his experiments and provides a segue into the next portion of the story - the shipment the Splicer is waiting for.

The experimental creature being worked on is currently called simply 'X3220' not that it is named as such yet in the script.

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