Enter the Journal
I've been around the Internet for a while. I even have a few posts on here already. *delete* There we go. Time for a refactor. On this blog I'm going to post month-delayed progress on my journey through creating, marketing, and monetizing another blog. That will be my product, and this will be my mind. I won't give you enough information to find my other blog, because that would tamper with my results. I want my traffic channels to be independent. Here, to my Patrons, I will post almost in real time. It might not be the events of each day on the day, but as close as I can come without sacrificing effort on the product blog. Henceforth, such blog will be known as The Blog, while this one will be referred to as my journal, and treated as such. Feel free to follow along my journey as I share everything I do and learn. Much of the information I uncover will be timeless, but for the timely actionable bits, only myself and my Patrons will be quick enough to act upon. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together. Welcome, Jacob