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Chimangos are... hard to describe. Imagine a candied mango that's dusted with chili powder and other spices. I ate several, and I'm <em>still</em> sure how I feel about them. 
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Still got the same Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon or Windows ME wallpaper you've had for twelve years, eh? How about some NEW wallpaper, champ?? Work place appropriate, I swear!  Your contribution is immensely helpful!!! Every red cent in contributions will go toward hosting costs. Words cannot express my gratitude for your contribution! Thank you sooo much!!   :D

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Want to see more of Last Tech Standing? A bonus comic will be posted here once a month, separate from those featured on the site!  Your contribution is.. *sob* ...greatly appreciated! You have my utmost respect for being such an avid patron of the obscure art form we call "webcomic"! I simply can't thank you enough!
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