Entrepreneur Log - Sunday, 8/27/17
~ Opened a vein to write my Chickflicks and Chocolate blog post titled, "Love Is...". It's hard to write about matters of the heart, but very necessary as most of us can relate. 

~ Read "3 Things to Know Before Creating Your First eCommerce Site. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/3-things-to-know-before-creating-your-first-ecommerce_us_59933e43e4b0eef7ad2c01ae

Takeaways: I am purposely breaking the rules. I'm not doing a competitive analysis or market study. People buy candles, they eat chocolate, this I know. I don't need to waste time doing a study. I just need to find ways to get out there and market. I'm working on the traditional methods such as attending community events such as the upcoming Handmade art fair at Grains and Grills in Fairmount. I'm also working on my online presence. One of the points I want to make with this biz is it doesn't really matter what you sell as long as your heart is in it. I LOVE chick flicks and chocolate. I know if I stay focused, I will succeed! 

~ Dropped my Math class. This was a tough decision, but all I could hear was Tony Robbins in my head saying, "Burn your damn bridge!" I just couldn't justify spending so much time and energy getting up to speed enough to pass this course. I would have to hire a tutor and spend many precious hours on this course that could be used to grow my biz. I'm ready to be done with college anyway. I'm already at $40k of debt and still a couple semesters away from the degree. I've studied enough to have a PhD! It's time to stop consuming and start doing! I'm just nervous about having enough funds to pay on my student loans at this time, but I feel deep in my soul that this biz will take off if I give it the attention of a job and college courses combined! 

~ Watched Pat Flynn Power Up Podcast replay of Facebook Live at Podcast Movement Expo in Anaheim. He did quick interviews with some of the vendors. I plan to check out a few of them including two that get podcast guests for you such as  Interview Valet and PodcastGuests. I'm also going to check out ProPodcast Solutions that does all the technical stuff to submit your podcasts. That would be a time saver! Repurpose.io sounds interesting too. They push your podcast to YouTube and Facebook Live! 



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