Entry 28 is now available!

The second part of 'The Muse' sub-story is now available on the Heavenfield website!


This episode focuses  upon some of the strange creatures and realities that make up the Heavenfield landscape; I hope you enjoy it!


 Otto and his squad are out on patrol through the Great Ruins, clearing their assigned area of ghosts. 

They set energy beacons, drawing one ghost towards a Cold-One that feeds nearby. 

But during the operation they find themselves in a ruined tower that at first appears empty, but soon proves to be home to one of the most strange, and dangerous, denizens of the Heavenfield...

I have decided to unlock the current episodes to all non-members, so that they will be able to catch up with the story. I hope that this might keep people's interest in the story as to how it is progressing, and perhaps a few will join as Patrons, so they can keep up with the next Patron-only episodes.

It amazed me to see that there is now over 9 hours of audio to this story!

Whilst editing the Vehicle section of the Datavault yesterday (coming very soon to $25+ Patrons), I stumbled across the original few lines that were the genesis for Otto's story. It is a short account of an engagement with his Field-Walker unit, and it is great to see just how far Otto's character has developed, as well as all the back-story that has been created to fill out the world of the Heavenfield.

I'm the Heavenfield's biggest fan really, and I write all of this stuff out of a desire to learn and find out more myself; I don't know any of it until the moment it is created, so it is as much a wonderful surprise to  me as I hope it is to you.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode, and the ones to come (we will be back to Patron-only episodes again for the next few months). Many thanks for your continued support!

I G 

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