Environmentalism is killing folks!!! Free-4-All-Friday!!!
Episode 905   The wildfires in California are exposing a fatal flaw in environmentalism and government bureaucracies, people are dying and it doesn't have to happen!!!  From saving snail darters, using tax payer dollars to coral wild horses who could be eating grasses and brush which fuels wildfires, to stifling economic progress through EPA regulations based on junk science.

 When you put the environment above human beings, then you are saying that it's ok that people die.  When you restrict non-tree cutting solutions to help minimize massive out of control wildfires, you are saying there is an acceptable amount of death you are willing to except to protect the environment.  When you restrict water reservoiring as is the case in California, you are saying that a snail darter or other fish are more important than human beings.  

 The EPA has done more damage to the environment than any other group in America.  Using junk and dubious science to create regulations is not only wrong, it is harmful to humans and the every environment they are trying to protect.  The US Constitution does not allow an EPA, NFS, BLM, or the Department of the Interior and the states would do a better job of managing natural resources that are within the states boarders!!!

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