Ep. 003 - Mayweather vs. McGregor, Joe Biden Creeps, and Time To End #FakeNews
* Mayweather versus McGregor, who ya got?!

* Why does the left give Joe Biden’s creepy ways with women (and girls) a pass?

* Should major news organizations drop the term “news” and admit they a purely biased editorial entertainment. 

Show Highlights: 

00:01:17 – It’s happening! Mayweather versus McGregor …and Tom Jones sings.

00:04:45 – Mike bets Jones that Mayweather will go down in defeat. 

00:11:37 – Mike asks Jones, “Is Mayweather/ McGregor the modern day Riggs versus King?”

00:16:31 – Jones tells Mike why Mayweather will win.

00:20:45 – Jones think Conor will be done with fighting in 2017.

00:25:10 – Is the appeal of Mayweather/ McGregor driven by race?

00:29:39 – Mike believes Mayweather/ McGregor will be a trilogy. 

00:38:13 – Can Michael Phelps beat a shark?

00:50:25 – Jones continues with his hatred for Joe Biden and his creepiness towards women…and girls.

00:56:40 – Biden get weird with a senator’s daughter.

01:01:56 – Mike quizzes Jones on how well he knows his kids.

01:06:18 – Jones recalls a time when a catholic priest tried to “Biden” his sister.

01:10:47 – Jones rips Joe Biden’s creepy son Hunter for leaving his wife to date his deceased brother’s wife.

01:15:22 – Mike adds to the creepy by bringing Bill Cosby into the conversation.

01:19:41 – Jones wants to eliminate the veil of impartiality that major news organizations hide behind.

01:25:01 – Jones pans Christian Days and LGBTQ Days at the ol’ ball yard.