Ep. 010 - James Barrat, Author of Our Final Invention: AI and the End of the Human Era
• Author of Our Final Invention, James Barrat, sits down with Jones and Mike, to discuss mankind’s technological march toward extinction. Is there anything that we can do to save ourselves?
• Jones experiences the worst day at Lollapalooza ever…think you can top it?

Show Highlights:
00:01:07 – James Barrat, author of Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era sits down with Jones and Mike.
00:05:30 – Before discussing AI, James Barrat insists that we examine human intelligence.
00:09:14 – The guys discuss the safety and ethics board of Google’s Deep Mind.
00:10:20 – Who will lead the AI charge, corporations or governments?
00:14:39 – Why aren’t techies worried about AI?
00:20:17 – Is AI simply the natural arc of evolution?
00:24:38 – Can we trust corporations to develop ethical AI?
00:30:27 – Where will AI be in 5 years, 10 years?
00:35:19 – Is Universal Basic Income a legitimate possibility?
00:41:35 – Will we need disaster to strike before we take threats of AI seriously?
00:49:58 – Jones checks out Royal Blood at a Lollapalooza after show at Lincoln Hall.
00:55:59 – Jones breaks down Day One Lollapalooza
01:07:38 – Jones is forced to evacuate Day One of Lollapalooza.