ep 010 of the podcast is now LIVE!

NOTE: This episode is part of a series that contains frank discussion of violent physical and emotional traumas + the resulting challenges to one's physical/mental/emotional well-being. We also cover topics of sexual assault.


we conclude our conversation with Noah -- the incredible artist who brought the QABALISTA album cover to life -- on the Christ embodiment as witnessed through trans experience.

hopefully this three episode series on TIPHARETH has given you a clear picture of the central Self-doctrine of QABALISTA

from here on out, we go transpersonal to examine the realized Self in relation to the power structures of society (and then outward into the multiverse!)

we hope you leave this discussion with a new perspective on the VITALITY of Christ in a western occult setting -- and the importance of reclaiming that embodiment as queer people living in a Judeo-Christian influenced world

as always, enjoy the album QABALISTA -- streaming now on your platform of choice and/or stick around here at patreon.com/selkigirl for more in-depth content on magick, music, and the occult

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